Monday, May 9, 2011


Very behind on my blogging, a few days ago, well actually a couple of weeks ago I wrote this, on April 25th, I am posting it before the recent one from yesterday...

I love these blue hydrangea.  Blue is a beautiful color in all its different shades and hues.  As an emotion it has many hues also.  I think we are experiencing many hues of blue here in wake of the earthquakes, mega tsunami, and the nuclear power plant accidents.

If I was planning a trip to Japan I'd cancel it too, in fact my friend was going to come and now she isn't but we are going to meet in Tahiti, sometime in the fall, hopefully.

Watching the news I get high with the will, power, and exuberance, of life.  People are handed the mike and what they say is so profound!!   One woman put it very well
'I can't expect full recovery anytime soon, because it isn't possible, but I am full of gratitude for my life which was spared me.  If things had been just a little different I would be dead, so I will live as full a life as I can every day.' What am I, Karen Bremer Masuda,  doing complaining about anything ever in my life??

Then I continue watching, the prime minister is shown talking to the evacuees in the twenty mile radius of Fukushima.  They are yelling at him.  Well it is good to get this anger out.  Kan didn't even address the nation after any of this disaster upon disaster.  Even the worst president in history knew to address the nation after 9/11!  Now in the diet they are asking for Kan's resignation!  At least he is not resigning. By this time my 'high' has been dashed to smithereens against the rocks.

The dying cattle roam the streets in the twenty mile radius.  Veterinarians are going in to keep the dead ones from rotting with some kind of powder.  They will round up, feed and water the live ones, try to get them back to their farms (they are numbered).

They are setting up road blocks and instigating times for people to go home for a couple of hours to get necessities.  They don the protective clothing and are allowed to go home for a short period.
Reparations will add up to the billions and billions and billions, how can all this be paid?  Cannot begin to fathom the bureaucracy to be wadded through, no, to drown in.

There are 12000 people still missing they will continue to look for them.  But aren't they.... gone?  At the bottom of the sea?  The closure needed is impossible to find.  In Japan the dead are memorialized according to Buddhist practice. 

By now, still watching the news, I am in tears. But in the loss the fact remains that the survivors hearts are beating, they have blood pressure, and they have oxygen to breathe.  Even though the loss is complete, houses cars jobs and loss of who we love... I can't put myself there, can you?

The area outside the 30 K evacuation radius is posting warnings for children not to play in parks for over an hour at a time.  Kindergartens and Nurseries are closing down in this area too. Bleak as bleak can be.

China wants to expand its nuclear power capacity, still?  China would be a country that would let the inhabitants get all contaminated before ever even reporting a problem.

Life is just too frightening I think the effects of a nuclear energy disaster of this magnitude are not really known.  The nuclear plant down the coast Hamanako is starting to declare its safety, Fukushima did the same before the fact.  I pray that Japan can become the leaders of alternative energy take steps needed to lead the world in it!  It will take years, but shut the plants down, please!  I will sign petition after petition to shut down all nuclear reactors in Japan.

Keeping educated is the best way to fight fear.   

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