Monday, May 9, 2011

Golden Week

 Friday ended the Golden Week we have here in May, a string of holidays where everyone takes time off.  We never go anywhere because we don't like getting caught in traffic.  Stayed home, wrote for two days, then took time off for two more days.

We had a BBQ, just the three of us, Hubby, J, and myself.  E does her own thing so it was only the three of us, FIL had Day Care as usual.

My hydrangea

BBQ of three on the fourth.  Relaxing, with tastey treats right off the shichirin, good beer, in-line skating and a nap afterwards, filled me with a feeling of satisfaction.

We went to the park, after eating.  Enjoyed the azalias while watching J skate, too much beer in my system to give the skates a spin myself.

On the fifth I took off with a couple of friends to Yokohama to a steak house called Ukaitei.  It was very posh with the best fillet mignion I have ever tasted.  Have you ever been able to describe steak as 'fluffy'?  It was so very tender, melt in your mouth kind.  Once in a while it is great to treat yourself to such extravagnaces!  The steak was cooked on a teppan right in front of us by an entertaining chef, then we retired to another place, like the booth above, for dessert and coffee.  One of the most excellent meals I have ever had!

We walked the grounds, very walkable and full off all kinds of beauty.

Ukaitei, if you're ever in Yokohama, in the mood to treat yourself to 'fluffy' meat, well here is the place for you!

In the news:

It looks like the automic energy plant near us, Hamaoka, will be shut down!  The prime minister made a speech announcing that because there is a 87% change that a magnitude 8 or bigger will hit us here in the Tokai region, with its epicenter right where the plant is, the plant should be shut down.  I believe it is a wise move. It is a recomondation so now the plant has to decide to shut down, which may take a while... We will lose 10% of our electricity, but that sounds reasonable, managable, through the summer months to avoid blackouts we will have to save energy.  I think we all are willing to do whatever we can to save electricity just so we don't have that 87% threat hanging over our heads!

I signed a contract for one of my stories to be included in an anthology to be sold with the proceeds to go to the earthquake fund in Japan.  The editor is in Alabama and I am afraid that they have just been through another kind of disaster, tornados.  I hope everyone is OK there.  I am worried because I haven't heard back.

Does the world feel safer without Osama Bin Ladin?  As someone who has to periodically get on planes, NO!  I say I am glad he is dead, but the dancing in the streets seems like stooping to their level.  I just feel very very sad that this world is such a very frightening place to live in.  I can't drown in saddness!

On a brighter note:

May everyone have a wonderful Mother's Day!


Branches reaching in every direction all ending in beautiful blossoms and leaves!

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