Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photo Shoot

 Nothing much has been going on, although having said that, I can't stop writing this blog in my head, so actually, quite a bit has been going on.  I thought I would just post pictures with very few words, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words and all that.  But as I paste these pictures here, I find that I am writing quite a lot in my head.

The Moon about three moons ago.  A moment later and it would have slipped into the clouds out of sight.  This was taken four days before the big disaster. 

More recently, a hazey Mt. Fuji. 

Sitting pretty as you please, AND looking right into the camera!  May 18th sunny and hot!

Posing poser through the glass

On the 21st got into a fight with hubby so that I spent many hours here.  Here was pleasant, unlike the fight.  We actually text messaged our argument till my i-phone battery expired.  I tried so very hard to stay away and worry him, but although I stayed away so very long he still got home later than I.  AARGH!   Well the next day we were able to make up.  I am still determined to worry him, worry him worry him, one day! 

About three days ago our water lily bloomed!  If you look close you can see the little killifish. 

 We officially entered the rainy season at the weekend.  It is cool and wet which I appreciate now, because that is better than being hot and humid.  It can stay this way as long as it wants!

Somewhere in there I had my 49th B-day, a year to fifty!  What does it mean to be nearly fifty?

Even during the rainy season the rain lets up, enough for blue sky to show in patches and the top of Mt. Fuji to peak through. (heh heh)

E had her photo shoot day, which is included in the rental of her kimono.  She was posed and shot over a hundred times after which we picked the best ones to be included in a album.  Only three shots are included... couldn't buy them all but she's got herself a good coming of age album coming out (heh heh) in August.  We took the opprotunity to get a family shot too.  They posed us just so.

  Afterwards we posed ourselves!

If you've stayed with me this far, I can say that I am amazed that half of 2011 has gone by.  Before you know it we'll be ringing in 2012!  By then, what will happen for you and for me?    

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