Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last Year's Trip

Moom shinning on lamp

 Looked out the window that night catching with my eye the stark white light of the moon outdoors contrasting with the soft light of the lamp indoors and couldn't resist this picture.

I was actually in a very raunchy mood starting Friday night, caused by the 'I hate this country' mode I get in sometimes.  It is when things build up, when Japan becomes the reason for all my sorrow.

Here the boys are relaxing in our room of the Yaizu Grand Hotel. Angry at the world I was hoping for a western room, not a Japanese room, but apparently all they had left was Japanee style, it was nice, I was just in this mood.  No mood to get undressed in front of strangers at all, so I sent the boys out to the bath, you see this is an onsen hotel, hotsprings that is.  I went down the hall to the drink machine, God bless this country, You can buy beer from a machine, mixed nuts too.  So I got myself 500 mls of Asahi super dry (my favorite) and a can of nuts, sat down next to the window looking out to sea, and read Kate Atkinson.  Jackson Brodey is as far away from Japan as you can get!

This is the morning view from our window.  But let me continue from last night.  By the time the boys got back from the bath, I was feeling mellow enough to consider a bath myself.  I usually love going to the hot springs, but this mood....  'I hate this country' still reverberated through my mind.  The scene of the time I undressed for a bath, when some little girl commented loudly over my pubic hair being the same color as my head to her mother, played over obnoxiously in my mind.  Beer mellowed me enough to send me down to the bath, which I usually love undiscriminantly.  But there was NO WAY I was going to wear one of those stupid yukata, no, I am NOT trying to be Japanese THANK YOU!

So the bath was nice even tainted by my sense of 'hate japan'.  Nobody commented on my white flab!!  Of course nobody would, but I was feeling vullnerable, and being naked in these situations doesn't help, otherwise the bath was relaxing!!  I am used to going alone to the bath, ignoring everyone as I strip down.  This is the kind of place you need to go with female friends.  The bath is a great place to chat with a friend.  No friend around, can't even bring in the book, it would just get wet.  I was compensated by scenery which is always lovely at these baths, especially the outdoor ones.
The meal was nice, a buffet, a chef guy was grilling steaks right there, not to mention the sushi chefs slicing up and putting together anything you wanted.  I refused to go to the sushi table for then I would be that 'gaijin' at the sushi table.  NEVER!  So I got the boys to bring me my sashimi and I got everything else I needed.  I had a glass of red wine as well as a glass of plum wine too.  We went back to the room feeling stuffed, with no pain.

As soon as we got back I went to sleep on my futon.  It was only eight o'clock but I was full of food and alcohol.  I slept through noisy TV to when it finally got quiet around eleven o'clock.  My eyes flew open, basically I didn't sleep a wink the rest of the night.  I rarely have sleepless nights, this was one of them.  I kind of rested all night with my eyes closed, then finally drifted off in the wee hours.

After checking out we went to Omaizaki, I've posted pics from there before.  This was on a little walking path we took.
We went down to breakfast, I, feeling better, with only a tinge of my lingering negativity, enough for me to refuse the Japanese breakfast, NO WAY!  Except I got hubby to bring me a dish of this sticky yam stuff with maguro, raw tuna, which I really love any time of day.

E didn't come with us as she really isn't a part of our family you see, she is only a part of our family when it suits her to be, like when she wants money or some thing!  She hangs around the house and leaves messes for me to pick up and I get fed up.  She is rude to her mother so she really needn't come with us on our trips, even though I have to go to the bath alone.

This is the lighhouse at Omaizaki.  One of our favorite places.
The trip, short though it was, mellowed me out enough to be ready for lifes next frustrations, we all need a one night trip once in a while!

Hope to blog this year about all the good things happening!


  1. Think I commented on the blogit I'll not repeat here..but here's to 2011 and a continuing friendship! Hope the best for you and everyone in your family.

  2. PS. can you change your settings to English...this Japanese interface is a pisser... LOL!

  3. Love your post and what gorgeous photos. I wish for you an amazing 2011 with many happy adventures, good times, and pro publications.