Monday, January 10, 2011

Starting a New Year

Happy New Year!  It is already the eighth day of the year and I am finally getting around to my first post.  I haven't resolved to do anything new except to eventually get J to make his own lunch when he starts in High school in the spring.  He is going to be going to private school so it is almost certain that they have to take their own lunches.  I Made E's lunch for six years until the end when she made her own.  I am hoping to jump right into getting him to make his own lunch.  As far as resolutions go, I think it's the easiest to go with the flow of what happens, but that is one thing I will try for.

The holidays went by in a flash.  It was really nice just to enjoy the last few days of the year, clean the house, and get ready to welcome a new year.

Our New Years bouguet.

This was taken on New Years Day.

And ths is the morning sun of the first day of the year on Mt Fuji.  I wanted to get the sunrise, but didn't make it.  I usually always wake up for it... so this is the next best thing.

This was taken a couple of days ago, a different mood.

This morning while walking my doggie I caught the mountain from a different angle for a change.

It' such a clear icey day.  It has turned cold, bellow freezing in the night and in the single digits during the day.  With kerosene stoves as our main sorce of heating it really is cold indoors too. Only designated places are warm.

My kitty has the right idea, lounging on the table in the morning sun.  The table itself is warm from the under side because it is a kotatsu, a covered heated table, so this is definately the best place in the house at this time of day.

So you see we haven't done much of anything, but it is time to get back in the swing of things!  We went to the Shrine on the first it was very crowded...

like this.  The garish pick of the sign for 'baby kastela' (little cakes) contrasts with the traditional beauty of most any Japanese Shrine.  See the spirts on the stairs and under the pink sign? they are there floating among the New Years Day crowds.  Most shrines peak with visitors right at midnight on New Years Eve so as to get there first for the new year's prayers.  I wonder if it makes a difference weather you get there in time to ring in the New Year at the Shrine, perhaps the gods like it better, the closer to midnight!! The gods must get sick of the un-originality of the prayers, yeah yeah, pass the entrance exam, win the lottery, get a job (a very difficult thing to do), find a husband, wife, yawn yawn yawn.  Excuse me!  Who is to know the prayers of people, but the gods, I mustn't presume to know others' hearts.  Forgive me, I only know my own heart. I pray for world peace, Ha Ha!  How original is that!
I do have one bit of news.  We got i phones, E, Hubby and I are knew owners!  I love it!  But at first I was put off with E because she got grumpy when I asked her for help in figuring something out about it.  She got hers first.  She can be as grumpy as she likes I am going to enjoy my i-phone, it really is fun!

Cheers!  Ringing in the New Year a little late, to friends, may you all move foward in the direction you wish if only a step!! 

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