Thursday, January 13, 2011

Add a Sixteenth to Three Quarters

J finished a jigsaw puzzle three days ago.  It is a 950 piecer, one he got for Christmas.  It is of his favorite comic characters, One Piece.  He already has a 1000 piece one he finished last month which is hanging in his room. I am amazed at how quickly he can get these things done!  Not at all like getting ready for school or studying for a test!

Three quarter moon, kind of unremarkable, the moon tends to be when photograhed.  It's just that the disapeared sun left a trace of itself on the horizon presenting quite a beautiful scene in real life.  Too bad it doesn't come across here

 The three quartered crecent moon.  In fact it looks bigger than a three quarter one, add another sixteenth on to that?

 Pink splendor at sunset, two days ago.

This picture bugs me because I seemed to have held the camera at a tilt so that eveything to the left appears to be uphill to everything to the right.  A bit maddening because I'd love to fix it but I can't.  No such technology for that!!

E is down with a cold.  It's all this partying and never being home.  She wants to have her boyfriend over for supper tonight, which would be fine, except that I think she should just stay in bed (without him!) and nurse this cold of hers. I will suggest it.

This is me yesteday, retrospectng.

Everyday I walk the same coarse with my doggie and I come across this simple yet quite stunning view.  It is just a garden and a house, but the roof, trees, blue skies, and even the telephone wire seem to be in sync.

And this is my doggie who I walk every morning, rain or shine, (OK, I admit, when it is cold and rainy he goes to the roof...)  Isn't he handsome?  He is 12 years old, an old guy, but he's still handsome!

Sunset from last night. It is almost twilight.



  1. Yeah tell E to cut out that partying!!! LOL. That's like telling the sun not to set or something. I love the animal pics... the iphone is great isn't it???

  2. Jealous of the iphone. Chippy looks so cool, like he's posing.